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Bob Crosby.South Rampart Street Parade

1940 (Audio - Recital)

  • Bob Crosby

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  •   Bob Crosby.South Rampart Street Parade, 1940
    Aporte del sitio Classic and Swing

    The 1935-1942 period was Crosby's heyday, with his band featuring such classic soloists as Billy Butterfield, Joe Sullivan, Bob Zurke, Jess Stacy, and Muggsy Spanier. During an era when swing was the thing and New Orleans jazz was considered by many to be ancient history, Crosby's crew led the way to the eventual New Orleans revival. Such classic recordings as "South Rampart Street Parade" and "What's New" (both composed by bassist Haggart) along with the many Dixieland stomps kept the band quite popular. The other secret to their success was the radio -- in the late winter of 1938, the orchestra got a gig at the Blackhawk Restaurant in Chicago, which included 11 national broadcasts each week, which gave them all of the exposure they needed. Fans of their Dixieland sound rallied to the call and orders for their recordings soared; their subsequent performances of the Camel Caravan show proved just as important in carrying them to the end of the decade. And it didn't hurt that the orchestra was nearly as fortunate in its choice of female singers as it had been in finding Crosby -- Doris Day (who left because the 17-year-old was overwhelmed by the ungentlemanly antics of the members, finding a safer haven with Les Brown) and Kay Starr were among the distaff luminaries who sang with them. Crosby also made movies with the band -- though he was never remotely the screen presence that his brother was, Bob Crosby and his band showed up in performance clips in movies such as Columbia's Reveille with Beverly, and he got to do some acting (while the band was featured several times) in Republic's Sis Hopkins, and they played on the soundtrack to the Paramount production Holiday Inn, one of the most popular musicals of the early '40s (and the film that introduced the song "White Christmas").

    1 - South Rampart Street Parade
    2 - Long Time No See
    3 - Slow Mood
    4 - Boogie Woogie Maxixe
    5 - Angry
    6 - The Skaters' Waltz (In Swingtime)
    7 - The Big Noise From Winnetka
    8 - It Was A Lover And His Lass
    9 - Oh, Mistress Mine
    10 - Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind
    11 - Sigh No More, Ladies
    12 - My Inspiration
    13 - The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
    14 - When My Dreamboat Comes Home
    15 - Ja-Da
    16 - What's New? (I'm Free)
    17 - Rose Of Washington Square
    18 - Fidgety Feet
    19 - Eye Opener
    20 - Begin The Beguine
    21 - Hindustan
    22 - Washington And Lee Swing
    23 - Walking The Floor Over You
    24 - I'm Prayin' Humble
    25 - Peruna