Bach JS : Pasion segun San Mateo (St Matthew Passion)

1954 (Audio)

Director: Wilhelm Furtwängler



  • Anton Dermota
  • Elisabeth Grimmer
  • Dietrich Fischer Dieskau
  • Marga HoffgenArchivos para descarga:


This performance of Bach’s “St Matthew Passion” was conducted by Wilhelm Furtwaengler in Vienna during Easter 1954, a few months before his death.
There is greatness in Furtwaengler’s view of the work, but there are many of his eccentricities also . His preference for slow tempi is apparent. Indeed, the choral, at each repetition, becomes slower and slower. Expect a rallentando, also, at the end of each item. The soloists provide some of the most luscious, also the most dramatic, singing I have ever heard in this work. It is a public performance. You will be able to detect when the chorus stands and seats itself.