Conti : Isacco figura del Redentore (Oratorio)

2011 (Audio)

Director: Peter Van Heyghen



  • Luciana Mancini (Sara)
  • Zsuzsi Tóth (Isacco)
  • Isabelle Everaerts de Velp (Angelo)
  • David Erler (Gamari)
  • Fernando Guimaraes (Abramo)Archivos para descarga:


Zsuzsi Tóth was born in Hungary, where she began her musical studies with piano at the age of 7. She started classical singing at the Faculty of Music of the University of Szeged, receiving the Master`s degree in 2004. During her studies she won a Hungarian State Grant (2002-2003) as well as the “Huygens programma Scholarship” in The Netherlands (2006-2007). She was awarded the Bachelor degree in Early Music singing at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, and completed her Master’s in 2009 with distinction as a student of Peter Kooij, Jill Feldman and Rita Dams.

She participated on masterclasses given by Martin Klietmann, Mitsuko Shirai, Júlia Hamari, Marius van Altena, László Polgár, Adrienne Csengery and was being coached by Charles Toet and Nigel North.

She has given concerts as a soloist with Collegium Vocale Gent, l’Arpeggiata, Sete Lágrimas, Le Concert Lorrain, Collegium 1704 (Váklav Luks) and Nederlandse Bach Vereniging. She is a regular member of several early music ensembles such as Vox Luminis Early Music Soloist Ensemble (Lionel Meunier), Tetraktys (Kees Boeke) and Restoration Company (Will Wroth), and has sung with groups such as the Namur Chamber Choir, Psallentes and the Nederlands Kamerkoor.

She participated on several national and internation competitions winning two 1st prises, a 3rd prise and a special prise. (Ruma, Yugoslavia, 2002, Budapest, Hungary 2003, Szeged, Hungary, 2004)

CD recordings include the Bach motets with Collegium Vocale (Philippe Herreweghe), four CD’s with Vox Luminis (Ricercar), the Bach motets with Sette Voci (Ramee), a contemporary CD, Silencio with Sete Lagrimas (Murecords), a Chantilly medieval recording with Tetraktys (Kees Boeke), and Monteverdi’s Teatro d’Amore with l’Arpeggiata (Virgin Classic). Future CD releases include H. Schütz: Italian Madrigals with Sette Voci (Peter Kooij) and music by T. L. de Victoria with Collegium Vocale Gent (Philippe Herreweghe).