Dittersdorf : Doktor und Apotheker

Salzburgo, 1960 (Audio)
Director: Uli Weder

Richard van Vrooman (Gotthold)
Hans von Welz (Apotheker)
Thea Lawrencewic (Claudia)
Wladimir Smid Kowar (Krautmann)
Eva Brinck (Leonore)

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Ditters von Dittersdorf´s early work was a prefiguration of his serious output that was to come in later years—an almost Italianate style focused on melodic development without the overt flourishes characteristic of le style français.

He was an important composer of the Classical era. After some early Italian opera buffa, he composed a number of German Singspiele, with Der Apotheker und der Doktor (1786, generally known today as Doktor und Apotheker) in particular being a tremendous success in his lifetime, playing in houses all over Europe.
His symphonies (around 120 of them) include twelve based on Ovid’s Metamorphoses (six of which have survived to the present day). He also wrote oratorios, cantatas, concertos (including two for the double bass and one for the viola), chamber music, piano pieces and other works. His memoirs, Lebenbeschreibung, were published in Leipzig in 1801. His works, such as the double bass concerto, were published in Leipzig by the Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag.