Donizetti : I Pazzi per Progetto

2000 (Audio)

Director: F.M.Carminatti



  • Anna Rita Gemmabella (Cristina)
  • Cinzia Rizzone (Norina)
  • Andrea Porta (Darlemont)
  • Alessandro Battiato (Blinval)
  • Giovanni Guerrini (Venanzio)Archivos para descarga:

Aporte de Jose Manuel.

I Pazzi per progetto (Madmen by Design) is a farce in one act by Gaetano Donizetti to a libretto by Domenico Gilardoni.
The first performance took place at Teatro del Fondo, Naples on 7 February 1830.

At the 1830 performance in Naples, some great singers of the time such as Boccabadati and Luigi Lablache performed it in a charity event, but despite the exceptional cast, the audience was really very meager. The work, carried by two women surrounded by five heavy voices, was divided into seven numbers linked by dry (“secco”) or accompanied recitatives. It revealed the purest farcical style of the composer, containing the characters and forms typical of that style.

It was performed a few more times in Naples and Palermo, and then forgotten until 1977.

In 1997 a new revision, edited by Maestro Bruno Rigacci of Florence and using the original score which had been preserved at the Conservatorio S. Pietro a Majella in Naples, was presented as part of the Opera Barga Festival. It was a resounding success with the public and the critics.

Place:A hospital for the insane in Paris

The hospital’s director, Darlemont, has a niece, Norina, married to Blinval, a colonel of dragoons. The remoteness of the man from his beloved wife due to military reasons and mutual jealousy are the causes of series of actions when the two meet again. Since the meeting takes place in the hospital which is managed by Norina’s uncle, the two alternately pose themselves as crazy to find out the true feelings of each other, causing frantic carousel of deceptions and misunderstandings.

Added to all this is a very babbler and an all-too-sincere servant, (Frank), a deserter trumpeter who pretends to be a doctor (Eustace), a beautiful young girl (Christina), former lover of the colonel, who tries to escape from her old guardian (Venanzio). He in turn tries to make her go mad so that he can take her dowry.

These very well-matched ingredients result in a farce with all its rules. At the well-designed end, peace and moral obligation are restored.