Glinka : La vida por el Zar (Iván Susanin )

Paris, 1957 (Audio)

Director: Igor Markevitch



  • Nicolai Gedda
  • Boris Christoff
  • Teresa Stich RandallArchivos para descarga:

A Life for the Tsar or Ivan Susanin is a patriotic-heroic tragic opera in four acts with an epilogue by Mikhail Glinka.
The original Russian libretto, based on historical events, was written by Nestor Kukolnik, Georgy Fyodorovich Rozen, Vladimir Sollogub and Vasily Zhukovsky.
It premiered on 29 November 1836 at the Bolshoi Theatre in St. Petersburg. The historical basis of the plot involves Ivan Susanin, a patriotic hero of the early 17th century who gave his life in the expulsion of the invading Polish army for the newly elected Tsar Mikhail, the first of the Romanov dynasty, elected in 1613.
The plot of A Life for the Tsar had been used earlier in 1815, when Catterino Cavos, an Italian-Russian composer, had written a two-act singspiel with the same subject and title. The original title of the opera was to be Ivan Susanin, after the hero, but when Nicholas I attended a rehearsal, Glinka changed the title to A Life for the Tsar as an ingratiating gesture.[1] This title was retained in the Russian Empire until the October Revolution, when it reverted to Ivan Susanin.

Glinka and the writers with whom he was associated chose, in Susanin, a hero of Russian nationalism well suited to the mood of the time. The opera was immediately hailed as a great success, and became the obligatory season-opener in the Imperial Russian opera theaters. A Life for the Tsar occupies an important position in Russian musical theater as the first native opera to win a permanent place in the repertoire. It was one of the first Russian operas to be known outside Russia.