Kalman : Das Veilchen vom Montmartre

1952 (Audio)
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Kálmán’s 1930 Das Veilchen vom Montmartre (The Violet of Montmartre) premiered in Vienna.

SYNOPSIS: Late nineteenth-century, Paris.
Three poor friends live together in Montmartre. They welcome street singer Violet into their home, and she and painter Raoul fall in love. However, when the friends’ former muse, Ninon, crosses paths with Raoul once again, and takes credit for securing him a position at the Louvre, Violet leaves, heartbroken. A few months later, the other two friends, Murger and Hervé, are staging an operetta, with Ninon in the lead role. When she learns that Raoul does not really love her, Ninon leaves.
At the last minute Violet offers to play part, and is reconciled with Raoul. Just as she is about to make her entrance, it is revealed that Violet is actually the daughter of a Countess. She leaves instantly to find her mother, and Ninon returns to play the role.