Liebermann : La Escuela de Mujeres (Die Schule der Frauen )

Salzburgo, 1957 (Audio)

Director: George Szell



  • Walter Berry (Poquelin)
  • Christa Ludwig (Georgette)
  • Nicolai Gedda (Horace)
  • Anneliese Rothenberger (Agnes)
  • Kurt Böhme (Arnolphe)Archivos para descarga:


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The storyline of Rolf Liebermann’s the 3-act opera buffa Die Schule der Frauen (1954–55), based on a libretto by Heinrich Strobel, was inspired by the French theatrical comedy L’école des femmes by Molière.
Molière himself (alias Poquelin) directs the action in this comedy, commenting on the modern staging of his creation, intervening where necessary and even slipping into the role of a minor character. Liebermann’s music has an astonishing vitality and fusion of baroque motor rhythms and counterpoint, of expansive late-romantic melodiousness and harmony interwoven with dodecaphony.