Rossini : Robert Bruce

2003 (Audio)

Director: Paolo Arrivabeni



  • Nicolas Rivenq (Robert Bruce)
  • Iano Tamar (Marie)
  • Simon Edwards (Arthur)
  • Davide Cicchetti (Edouard)
  • Massimjiliano Chiarolla (Douglas)Archivos para descarga:


Robert Bruce is an 1846 pastiche opera in three acts, with music by Gioachino Rossini and Louis Niedermeyer to a French-language libretto by Alphonse Royer and Gustave Vaëz, after Walter Scott’s History of Scotland. The music was adapted by Niedermeyer, with the composer’s permission, from Rossini’s operas La donna del lago, Zelmira, Bianca e Falliero, Torvaldo e Dorliska and Armida.
The work was premiered on December 30, 1846, at the Théâtre de l’Académie Royale de Musique.

After Rossini’s arrival in Paris in 1843 (for medical treatment), he was visited by Léon Pillet, the Director of the Opéra, who invited him to compose a new opera for the house. Rossini declined, but pointed out that La donna del lago (1819) had been neglected and would go down well with the French. Rossini went back to his home in Bologna, where he was again visited by Pillet, who was accompanied by librettist Gustave Vaëz, and Louis Niedermeyer. The result (which also involved Vaëz’s regular collaborator Alphonse Royer as co-librettist) was Robert Bruce, an elaborate pasticcio, based on La donna del lago but including music from other operas. Niedermeyer apparently wrote the necessary recitatives.

Rossini was clearly involved in the collaboration but did not attend the premiere in Paris on December 30, 1846. It was a moderate success but was the subject of much criticism from Hector Berlioz, among others.