Tchaikovsky : La Doncella de Orlenas (en ruso)

Paris, 1975 (Audio)

Director: Jean-Pierre Marty



  • Vladislav Piavko (Rey Carlos VII)
  • Irina Arkhipova (Joan of Arc)
  • Paiil Marinov (Cardenal)
  • Rosario Andrade (Anges Sore)
  • Lucian Marinescu (Dunois)Archivos para descarga:


Complete cast:
Joan of Arc: Irina Arkhipova
King Charles VII: Vladislav Piavko
The Cardinal: Paiil Marinov
Anges Sore: Rosario Andrade
Dunois: Lucian Marinescu
Lionel: Andre Orlowitz
Raymond: Michel Cherb
Thibaud d’Arc: Nicola Ghiuselev
Bertrand: Frederic Vassar

Vladislav Piavko is one of the most famous Russian opera singers, starting his career in the middle of 60s and till now successfully performing allover Russia and abroad.

He was the leading tenor of the Bolshoi Opera for about 25 years. His interpretations of “Aida” and “Il Trovatore”, “Tosca” and “Madama Butterfly”, “Carmen”, “Boris Godunov”, “Khovantshina”, “Iolanta”, “The Queen of Spades” (Pikovaja Dama”) are among the brightest pages of the Bolshoi Opera of XX century. He is an excellent performer of the modern music – his Sergej (“Lady Makbeth of Mzensk” by Dmitry Shostakovich) and Nozdrev (“The Dead Souls” by Rodion Shedrin) had achieved a great success.

His performances on the European opera stages with the word famous singers as his partners (Gena Dimitrova, Anna Tomova-Sintova, Raina Kabaivanska, Berit Lindholm, etc) strengthened the international prestige of Russian vocal school and opera performing art.

His performance of the title part in Mascagni’s “Guglielmo Ratcliff” in Livorno (1984) was a World sensation as Russian tenor was only the fourth singer for 100 years who was able to sing this extremely difficult music which is reputed as absolutely impossible for singing. For these performances he was awarded by special Medals of Honour.

The most important operas of the Russian opera repertoire are recorded with his participation – “Boris Godunov” and “Khovantshina” by Musorgsky, “The Oueen of Spades”, “Mazepa”, “The Maid of Orleans” by Tchaikovsky, “The Legend of Invisible City of Kitezh” by Rimsky-Korsakov.

The record of “Khovantshina” was awarded by the Prize of the Academy of Music of France, the record of “The Dead Souls” was awarded by the Critic Choice Prize (Great Britain).

In 2006 Maestro Piavko recorded “Otello” by Verdi. That was the special project for the 40th anniversary of his artistic activity with Moscow opera singers Irina Arkadieva as Dezdemona and Evgeny Polikanin as Jago, city of Jaroslavl Symphony and Choir, Conductor Murad Annamamedov.

Keeping his own artistic activity as a singer, Maestro is highly concentrated on the pedagogical, social and enlightener activity. He works a lot for the professional support and promotion of the young Russian opera singers and musicians. He is a member of Jury of a number of International Vocal Contests, Fist Vice-President of the International Music Union of Russia and the Irina Arkhipova Foundation. Arranges musical festivals, public and charitable concerts, records, radio and TV broadcast. He is the artistic leader of the International Opera Festival in Cheljabinsk, artistic leader of the very popular projects – “Russian Tenors’ Parade” and “Russian Lied of two centures – from Mikhail Glinka to Georgy Sviridov”.

Gives Master-classes in Russia and abroad.

Born on February 4, 1941 in the City of Krasoyarsk, the very Center of Siberia.

1965 – graduated from the Russian Theatre Academy, Moscow and successfully passed the audition to the Bolshoi Opera.
1966 – made his debute in the Bolshoi as Pinkerton in “Madama Butterfly” by Puccini/
Sang in Bolshoi as the first tenor till 1989
1979-1985 – pedagogue of the Russian Theatre Academy (vocal art)
1989-1996 – soloist of the Deutsche Oper, Berlin
Since 1996 – First Vice-President of the Irina Arkhipova Foundation.
Since 1998 – Vice-President of the International Music Union of Russia, since 2000 – Fist Vice-President.

Professor of the State Moscow Conservatory (vocal art).