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Donizetti. Linda di Chamounix. Mariella Devia (Linda).LUca Cononici (Carlo). Alfonso Antoniozzi (Marques de Boisfleury). Donato di Stefano (Prefect). Sonia Ganassi (pierotto). Petteri Salomaa. Francesca Provvisionato. Boguslav Fiksinski. Dir: Gabriele Bellini.

Mariella Devia

Gaetano Donizetti

 (November 29, 1797 – April 8, 1848), composed

Linda di Chamounix

. Libretto is by

 Gaetano Rossi

, after “

la Grace de Dieu

” by

 Adolphe Philippe d’Ennery


Gustave Lemine

. The opera premiered in Vienna, Austria, at Kärntnerthortheater, May 19, 1842. The setting is the village of Chamounix and Paris, circa 1760.

Aportes de Wolf:

Wagner. Tannhauser. 2011. Bayreuth.Lars Cleveman (Tannhauser). Camila Nylund (Elisabeth). Stephanie Friede (Venus).Günther Broissböck (Herrmann).Michael Nagy (Eschenbach) Lothar Odinius (Walther). Diogenes Randes (Biterolf) . Arnold Bezuyen (Heinrich). Martin Snell (Reinmar).  Dir.: Thomas Hengelbrock


Tannhauser 2011 Bayreuth

Korngold: Der ring des Polykrates.Ladislav Elgr. Ausrine Stundyte. Daniel Szeili. Anne Ellersiek. Antonio Yang. Krenek: Das Geheime KönigreichAntonio Yang. Zuzana Markova. Martin Winkler. Danilo Formaggia. Anne Ellersiek. Mirella Leone. Romina Boscolo. Daniel Szeili.
Dir.: Roman Brogli Sacher. 2011.

Der Ring des Polykrates (The Ring of Polykrates), Op. 7 is a one-act opera by Erich Wolfgang Korngold. The libretto, written by Leo Feld and reworked (unattributed) by the composer’s father Julius Korngold, is based on a drama by Heinrich Teweles.Korngold composed the opera (his first) in 1914, when he was only seventeen years old.The one-act domestic comedy was contrasted by his second opera Violanta, a one-act tragedy.Both were premiered together on 28 March 1916 at the National Theatre Munich. Bruno Walter conducted and the cast included Karl Erb and Maria Ivogün.Both operas were repeated in Vienna, with Selma Kurz and Alfred Piccaver in Polykrates and Maria Jeritza as Violanta.


Ernst Krenek (Viena, 23 de agosto de 1900 – Palm Springs (California), 22 de diciembre de 1991) fue un compositor austriaco nacionalizado en 1945 estadounidense. Procedía de una familia checa, pero Krenek insistió siempre que su apellido debía escribirse Krenek y no Křenek, y que debía pronunciarse como una palabra alemana. Krenek experimentó con la atonalidad y otros estilos contemporáneos, incluidos el dodecafonismo y el jazz. También redactó numerosos libros sobre música, entre otros un estudio sobre Johannes Ockeghem (1953). Otros títulos son: Música aquí y ahora (1939) y Horizontes circulares: reflexiones sobre mi música (1974).

Shortly after he completed his tragic opera Der Diktator, Ernst Krenek started work on another one-act opera whose subtitle (Märchenoper – fairy tale opera) already suggests that it is set in an entirely different world, with regard to both the message and the music. Today, Das geheime Königreich would probably be described as a “green” work: it proclaims the advantages of life away from power, away from towns, away from civilisation – amidst nature, the secret kingdom where the tortured ruler in Krenek’s libretto finally finds peace.

Luciano Pavarotti. Recital. 1978. Met.

Wagner. Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg. 2011. BayreuthJames Rutherford (Sachs) Georg Zeppenfeld (Pogner). Charles Reid (Vogelgesang). Rainer Zaun (Nachtigall). Adrian Eröd (Becikmesser). Markus Eiche (Kothner). Edward Randall (Balthasar Zorn). Stefan Heibach (Augustin Moser). Florian Hoffmann (Eisslinger). Martin Snell (Hermann Ortel). Mario Klein (Hasn Schwarz). Diogenes Randes (Hans Foltz). Burkhard Fritz (Stolzing). Norbert Ernst (David). Michaela Kaune (Eva). Carola Guber (Magdalanea). Dir.: Sebastian Weigle.

Acto I:

Acto 2

Acto 3

Alberto Rabagliati. Antologia. Volumen 1 (1935.1942) Tabou (Lecuona) con i Lecuona Cuban Boys –  10.1935 .Tra ka tra (Vasquez – Orefice) – con i Lecuona Cuban Boys 1935 .Amapola (Lacalle) con i Lecuona Cuban Boys – – 10.1935.La chaparrita (Nacho) con i Lecuona Cuban Boys – 1935 circa .La paloma – Cielito lido – con i Lecuona Cuban Boys – 1935 circa .Maria la-O (Lecuona) con i Lecuona Cuban Boys – 1935 circa.Ojos negros (Tradizionale) con i Lecuona Cuban Boys – 1935 .Rumba internazionale (Orefice) con i Lecuona Cuban Boys – 1935 circa .Bambina innamorata (Bracchi – D’Anzi) , 1938.Violetta (Klose), 1938 .La canzone del boscaiolo (Barzizza – Morbelli) con Trio Lescano – 1939.Maria la-O (Lecuona) – 1939 .Santa (Lara) Orch. Angelini – 1939.Ba ba baciami piccina (Astore – Morbelli) 1940 .C’è una chiesetta (Cantoni – Rampoldi) – 1940 .Quando la radio (Prato – Morbelli) – 1940 .Serenata a Daina (Calzia – Cram) Orch. Barzizza – 1940.Tu musica divina (Bracchi – D’Anzi) – 1940 .Il primo pensiero (Pagano – cherubini) – 1941.Non hai più la veste a fiori blu (D’Anzi – Galdieri) – 1941 .Oi Marì (Di Ceglie – Nisa) Orch. Angelini – 1941.Quando canta Rabagliati (Galdieri – D’Anzi) 1941 .Illusione (De Rose – Bracchi) – 1940 .Mattinata fiorentina (Galdieri – D’Anzi) – 1942

Alberto Rabagliati. Antologia . Volumen 2 (1940-1973).C’è una casetta piccina (Prato – Valabrega) 1940 .Ho perduto i tuoi baci (D’Anzi) 1941.Amigos vamos a bailar (D’Arena – Nisa) 1943 .O mia bela Madunina (D’Anzi – Bracchi).Nustalgia de Milan (D’Anzi – Bracchi) 1946 .Bahia (Ortuso) 1947.Scoubidou (Distel) , 1959.Silenzioso slow (D’Anzi – Bracchi) 1962 .C’è una casetta piccina (Prato – Valabrega) 1962.Bambina innamorata (D’Anzi – Bracchi) 1962 .Maria Bonita (Lara – Larici) 1962.IL maestro improvvisa (D’Anzi – Bracchi) 1962 .Quando canta Rabagliati (D’Anzi – Galdieri) 1962.Ma l’amore no (D’Anzi – Galdieri) 1962..Il primo pensiero (Pagano – Cherubini) 1962 .Annie (Radicchi – Fecchi) 1962.La scuola del ritmo (Panzuti – Danpa) 1962 .Santa (Lara – Nisa) 1962 .Non partir (D’Anzi – Bracchi) 1962.Maria la-O (Lecuona – Nisa) 1962 .Tabou (Lecuona).La scuola del ritmo (Panzuti – Danpa) Live recording, TV – 1973

Rabagliati was born in Milan.In 1927 he moved to Hollywood as the winner of a Rudolph Valentino look-alike contest. He later recalled: “For someone like me, who had seen no more than Lake Como or Monza cathedral so far, finding myself on board a luxury steamer with three cases full of clothes, a few rolls of dollars, gran-duchesses and countesses flirting with me was something extraordinary”.

Back in Europe he became a singer. After a brief experience with Pippo Barzizza‘s orchestra, he joined the Lecuona Cuban Boys, a Cuban band. He performed with his face painted black and made a hit with the song “Maria la O”.

While with the Lecuona Cuban Boys he met Giovanni D’Anzi who proposed him an audition with Italian state radio station EIAR. Rabagliati soon became a radio star, and in 1941 had his own radio show. Every Monday night EIAR aired Canta Rabagliati (“Rabagliati sings”), with the singer presenting his most famous songs such as “Ma l’amore no”, “Mattinata fiorentina”, “Ba-Ba-Baciami Piccina”, “Silenzioso slow”, “Bambina innamorata”.

He was so popular that his name was sung in the lyrics of La famiglia canterinaQuando canta RabagliatiQuando la radio. At a time when anything foreign was banned, the idol Rabagliati was allowed to maintain his American-influenced style. Indeed, the Fascist government decided to make use of his popularity by choosing his song “Sposi (c’è una casetta piccina)” (“Wed (there’s a little home)”) as their demographic campaign anthem

His fame as a singer helped his acting career restart. From 1940 to 1965 he starred in some twenty movies, including The Barefoot ContessaMontecarlo and Il vedovo. In 1966, he starred in The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t.

Rabagliati was active also on the stage until the mid 1950s. He performed in musical revues and comedies by Garinei and Giovannini.His last public appearance was in 1974.

Donizetti. Anna Bolena. 1958. Milan.Leyla Gencer.Plinio Clabassi.Giulietta Simionato.Aldo Bertocci. Silvio Maionica.Dir. Gianandrea Gavazzeni. Anna Maria Rota.Mario Carlin

Donizetti. Lucrezia Borgia. 1972. Paris. Vasso Papantoniou (Lucrezia) . Jose Carreras (Gennaro).Cora Canne Meijer .Jose van Dam.(Alfonso).Gerard Friedman (Jacopo).Bernard Demigny. Bernard Plantey.Claude Genty.Jean Mollien . Raymond Steffner.Dir.: Pierre Michel Le Conte

Charles Simon Catel. Semiramis. 2011. Montpellier.Maria Riccara Wesseling (mezzo).Mathias Vidal (Arzace). Gabrielle Philiponet (Azema). Nicolas Courjal (Assur). Andrew Foster Williams (Oroes). Nicolas Maire (Cedar) Dir.: Hervé Niquet


Maria Riccara Wesseling

Charles Simon Catel étudia à Paris à l’École royale de chant. Il fut chef assistant de François-Joseph Gossec auprès de l’orchestre de la Garde Nationale en 1790. Membre de l’Institut, il composa avec ce maître de beaux morceaux de musique militaire pour les cérémonies de la République, entre autres l’Hymne à la Victoire (paroles de Ponce-Denis Écouchard-Lebrun). Il fut nommé professeur d’harmonie au Conservatoire dès la création, mais il fut destitué en 1814. Il eut entre autres comme élève au conservatoire le célèbre et excentrique harpiste Nicolas Bochsa qui, grâce à son enseignement, obtint un premier prix d’harmonie en 1808.

On a de lui un Traité d’harmonie (1802) ; plusieurs compositions dramatiques (au Grand-Opéra : Sémiramis, les Bayadères ; à l’Opéra-Comique : les Artistes par occasionl’Auberge de Bagnères, 1807 ; Wallace, 1817) ; des symphonies, des quatuors, etc.

Sans être un compositeur de tout premier plan, Catel est un brillant coloriste utilisant des effets instrumentaux nouveaux. Dans l’ouverture de son opéra Sémiramis, le passage où les trois trombones dialoguent avec les cordes seules étaient particulièrement apprécie.


Haendel.Rinaldo. 1984.Met.Marilyn Horne. Dano Raffanti. Benita Valente.  Samuel Ramey. Edda Moser. John Darrenkamp. Diane Kesling. Arthur Thomspon. Dir.: Mario Bernardi.

Deodat de Severac .Heliogabale.1972. Barcelona.Cecilia Fondevila. Raimon Torres. – Dir.: J. Gonzalez
Parte 1:
Parte 2:

Of aristocratic background, Déodat de Séverac was profoundly influenced by the musical tradition of his native Languedoc. He is noted for his vocal and choral music, which include settings of verse in Provençal (the historic language of Languedoc) and Catalan (the historic language of Roussillon) as well as French poems by Verlaine and Baudelaire. His compositions for solo piano have also won critical acclaim, and many of them were titled as pictorial evocations and published in the collections En Languedoc and Baigneuses au soleil. A popular example of his work is The Old Musical Box in B-flat major, but his masterpiece is the suite Cerdaña (written 1904—1911), filled with the local color of Languedoc. His motet Tantum ergo is also still sung on occasion.

He left his native Toulouse to study in Paris, under Vincent d’Indy and Albéric Magnard at the Schola Cantorum, an alternative to the training offered by the Paris Conservatoire. He worked as an assistant to Isaac Albéniz and returned to the south of France, where he spent the rest of his rather short life. His opera Héliogabale was produced at Béziers in 1910.

Jean-Michel Damase. Colombe .2011.Paris.Lina Dachary (sopr).Geori Boue (mezzo).Marguerite Paquet (sopr) .Marc Vento (bar) . Michel Senechal (ten).louis Noguera (bajo).Jean Giraudeau (ten) .Joseph Peyron (ten).Jacques Gillet (bar). Dir.:: Pierre-Michel Le Conte

Texte : Jean Anouilh (1951). Coupé pour l’adaptation lyrique, avec l’autorisation de l’auteur. Musique : Jean-Michel Damase (1961)

Stylistiquement, on se situe quelque part entre les raffinements du Strauss des conversations de musique (Intermezzo et Capriccio, mais pas sans rapport avec le lyrisme de Der Rosenkavalier et surtout Arabella) et le ton plus français (badin et bigarré) de Poulenc, mais sans la grandiloquence de l’un ni la grisaille de l’autre – une forme de quadrature du cercle.

En somme, du vaudeville assez grinçant de Jean Anouilh, où personne n’est épargné (Julien vertueux mais égoïste, Colombe superficielle au fil de sa nécessaire émancipation), Damase produit quelque chose de plus touchant, avec des profils très imparfaits évidemment, mais terriblement attachants. Et la séduction mélodique de son récitatif, la couleur de son orchestre léger, la poussée constamment allante de sa musique n’y sont pas pour rien.

Il est réellement triste que cette oeuvre, parmi d’autres bijoux, ne soit pas accessible autrement que par les réseaux de passionnés, alors qu’on enregistre tant de fois les mêmes scies. Il existe réellement des répertoires à la fois de première qualité et séduisants pour un vaste public qui demandent légitimement à être sauvés de l’oubli. En l’occurrence, c’est en plus en français, donc facile d’accès pour le public concerné. Peut-être aussi les conservatoires, dans leurs spectacles de fin d’année, plutôt que de jouer maladroitement des scies, pourraient se pencher sur ces oeuvres pas trop difficiles et assez efficaces. Il est sûr en revanche que ça ne prépare pas les interprètes à des rôles qui seraient amenés à soutenir leur carrière pendant des années…

Gala: Under The Stars . 2007. Video.Yannick Murid Noah. Isabel Bayrakdarian. Russell Braun. Virginia Hatfileld. Lawrence Wiliford. El resto de los participantes puede verse en los títulos.
https://rapidshare. com/files/ 183204829/ The_Le_Breton_ Flats_Park_ Inaugural_ Concert-Opera_ Under_The_ Stars-2007. mpg.001
https://rapidshare. com/files/ 45661608/ The_Le_Breton_ Flats_Park_ Inaugural_ Concert-Opera_ Under_The_ Stars-2007. mpg.002
https://rapidshare. com/files/ 363458760/ The_Le_Breton_ Flats_Park_ Inaugural_ Concert-Opera_ Under_The_ Stars-2007. mpg.003
https://rapidshare. com/files/ 2600197057/ The_Le_Breton_ Flats_Park_ Inaugural_ Concert-Opera_ Under_The_ Stars-2007. mpg.004
https://rapidshare. com/files/ 50278633/ The_Le_Breton_ Flats_Park_ Inaugural_ Concert-Opera_ Under_The_ Stars-2007. mpg.005
https://rapidshare. com/files/ 1007507418/ The_Le_Breton_ Flats_Park_ Inaugural_ Concert-Opera_ Under_The_ Stars-2007. mpg.006
https://rapidshare. com/files/ 121101208/ The_Le_Breton_ Flats_Park_ Inaugural_ Concert-Opera_ Under_The_ Stars-2007. mpg.007
https://rapidshare. com/files/ 2292732761/ The_Le_Breton_ Flats_Park_ Inaugural_ Concert-Opera_ Under_The_ Stars-2007. mpg.008
https://rapidshare. com/files/ 1238576053/ The_Le_Breton_ Flats_Park_ Inaugural_ Concert-Opera_ Under_The_ Stars-2007. mpg.009
https://rapidshare. com/files/ 1934521556/ The_Le_Breton_ Flats_Park_ Inaugural_ Concert-Opera_ Under_The_ Stars-2007. mpg.010
https://rapidshare. com/files/ 4250205592/ The_Le_Breton_ Flats_Park_ Inaugural_ Concert-Opera_ Under_The_ Stars-2007. mpg.011

Mozart. El Rapto en el Serallo. 2010. Barcelona. Video. ACTO 1. Diana Damrau. Olga Peretyatko. Christoph Strehl. Norbert Ernst. El resto del elenco puede verser en los títulos. Dir.: Ivor Bolton
https://www. rapidshare. com/files/ 1111129575/ Entfuehrung_ 1.mpg.001
https://www. rapidshare. com/files/ 1130266761/ Entfuehrung_ 1.mpg.002
https://www. rapidshare. com/files/ 168096876/ Entfuehrung_ 1.mpg.003
https://www. rapidshare. com/files/ 820148879/ Entfuehrung_ 1.mpg.004

Aporte deWolf:
Gounod. Fausto. 1965. Met. John Alexander. Montserrat Caballé. Justino Diaz. Sherrill Milnes . Marcia Baldwin. Gladys Kriese. Russell Christopher
http://www.mediafir xsy5

Aporte de Sebastien (Toronto):
Berlioz. La Muerte de Cleopatra.1972.Roma Gwyneth Jones . Dir. Thomas Schippeers.

La muerte de Cleopatra (La mort de Cléopâtre) (1829) es una de las cuatro cantatas compuestas para el Prix de Rome por Hector Berlioz entre 1827-1830, las otras son La mort d’Orphée (1827), Herminie (1828) y la inconclusa La mort de Sardanapale.

Cléopâtre es una cantata o escena lírica trágica con textos de Pierre-Ange Vieillard para soprano o mezzosoprano.

Massenet. Werther. 2011. Viena. Jonas Kaufmann.Sophie Koch. Adrian Eröd (Albert).Ileana Tonca (Sophie). Janusz Monarcha. Benedikt Kobel. Clemens Unterreiner. Dir.: Frédéric Chaslin

Mozart. Cosi fan Tutte. 2004. Londres. Catherine Nagelstadt (Fiordiligi). Kristine Jepson (Dorabella). Nuccia Focile (Despina). Charles Castronovo (Ferrando). C. Maltman (Guglielmo). Thomas Allen (Alfonso). Dir.: Stephane Deneve

Puccini. Tosca. 1959. Met. Mary Curtis Verna.Jussi Bjorling. Cornell MacNeil. Dir.: Dimitri Mitropoulos
http://rapidshare. de/files/ 10365338/ Tosca591. mp3.html
http://rapidshare. de/files/ 10366164/ Tosca5923. mp3.html

Rossini. Semiramide. 2003. Pesaro. Darina Takova (Semiramide). Daniela Barcellona (Arsace). Ildar Abdrazakov (Assur). Gregory Kunde (Idreno) . Sonia Lee (Azema). Marco Spotti. Andrea Silvestrelli. Giorgio Trucco. Dir.: Carlo Rizzi.
https://rapidshare. com/files/ 986199102/ Semiramide_ Pesaro2001_ mp3.rar

Aporte de Ernesto (Madrid):
Auber. L´Ambassadrice.1947. Paris. Ginette Guillamat. Yvonne Korke. Gaston Rey.Nadine Renaud. A. Cuviller. R. Doria. R,. Marcy.
http://www.megauplo DVPHFQRI

L’ambassadrice is an opera in 3 acts by composer Daniel Auber. The work’s French language libretto was written by Eugène Scribe and Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges. The opera’s world premiere was staged by the Opéra-Comique at the Théâtre des Nouveautés in Paris on 21 December 1836.

Aporte de Maria Eugenia (Madrid)
Wen Deqing. The Bet. 2003. Chi Liming (Mendigo). Xiong Yufei (Esposa del Mendigo). Huang Roghai (Sr. Zhao). Wang Weiquian (Sra. Zhao). Zhang Jianlu (Maestro Chen). Yun Licheng. Tao Xiadi. Li Siyuan. Dir.: Zhang Guoyong
http://www.megauplo 06V5CS36

Aporte de Julian:
Mendelssohn. Elias. 2011.Festival de Verbier.Video.Juliane Banse . Angelika Kirchschlager. Bryn Terfel. Michael Schade.

Aporte de Marianella (Belagio):
Haendel. Rodelinda. 2010. Sonia Ganassi. Francio Fagioli. Marina de Liso. Paolo Fanale. Gezim Myshketa. Dir.: diego Fasolis.

Aporte de Julian:
Puccini.Tosca. 1970. Met.Elinor Ross. Carlo Bergonzi. Anselmo Colzani. Dir.: Francesco Molinari Pradelli.